Friday, March 16, 2012

For the love of cupcake!

Living in the Philippines were cupcakes 'used to' taste like floury cardboard bought from a grocery wrapped in labeled foil, never really gave me an inkling for cupcake love - then there was Sonja's cupcakes of Serendra located in Mandaluyong, Philippines. 

However, buying the sweet and scrumptious Sonja's cupcake would mean having to go on a cab ride from the office costing me at least 10% of my grocery budget (or around $ 5 including the cupcake price). That meant having to 'sacrifice' eating it only on special occasions when me and my girlfriends would visit Serendra for a night cap. 

Fast forward to today where I am currently living in the US of A, I have but forgotten the thrill of this baked delicacy, until my discovery of Icing on the Cupcake:

I'm just so lucky to have one branch in Alhambra (Sacramento) where I live close by. 

My husband initially bought the Pink Delicious flavor (their signature cupcake made of moist chocolate cupcake topped with pink vanilla buttercream frosting) for me on our first 'monthsary' - a Filipino term for the day of our wedding of every month, and my life here in Sacramento has never been the same :). These cupcakes are ironically heaven on earth but must be from the devil (lol!) because I just can't get enough of 'em to the point that a branch nearby would be a major requirement when buying a house in the future.

It has saved me from countless rainy days come Spring time (and pms blues). Eye watering, jaw stiffeningly sweet and salivating, their plethora of flavors and its descriptions had me imagining what it would taste like before actually savoring it, but my favorites - 'Pucker up' (a tart lemon cake with lemon filling and topped with lemon buttercream frosting); and 'Red Velvet' (a delicious red velvet cupcake topped with rich cream cheese frosting) literally blew me away beyond my 'sweets' imagination.

Their flavor of the month for March in time for St. Patty's day is 'Irish Cream' which I haven't tasted yet but would definitely try while supplies last:

'An Irish Cream infused cupcake topped off with rich Irish Cream buttercream frosting and mini green shamrock sprinkles.'

I have almost tried all of their flavors except for the ones below which I am looking forward to feasting on:

peanut butter and jelly
cookies and cream
chocolate macaroon
raspberry bliss

(chocolate macaroon, pucker up, caramel apple flavors)

Words can't describe how great these cupcakes are. I wouldn't consider myself a junk food hound without featuring them. These are one of the few things 'commercial America' has to offer which I wish I can physically share with my family and friends back home. Until then, I'd just happily savor every (icing) bite and count these as one of my many simple pleasures. Some people may find it a bit pricey but who cares? With cupcakes this good, they are definitely worth your buck! As I always remind with any sweets, eat moderately for better enjoyment :)

(logos and pictures are hopefully not copyright infringement but would serve as a great blog memory lane for me)


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