Monday, February 27, 2012

Mga Gawaing Bahay (Habang Tambay)

Sort of my "Typical Weekend (Circa 2005) Part II", but it's not just a weekend for me now, it's my (new) reality. Sa bagong yugto ng aking buhay bilang maybahay at nakatira sa lugar na hindi ko kinagisnan, ano nga aba ang mga pinagkaka abalahan ko sa araw -araw? Nakaktorya pa minsan ang paulit ulit na tanong ng mga tao (from both sides) pero di ko sila masisi kasi nga naman, ano nga ba ang pinag gagagawa ko dito habang wala pakong trabaho... 

Minsan, masarap palang maging tambay, kung milyonarya lang ako, puede kong idagdag ang mga investments here and there, pa travel travel around the globe, shopping, spa, salon appointments at pagdonate sa kung saang saang mga charity against human trafficking and animal rescues, ngunit di pako nanalo sa lotto (soon, I can feel it na talaga lol!). So while waiting for that ultimate win (or the immigration's approval for me to work), here are mostly the things I do to keep my mind from going idle - or crazy. 

Pray the moment I wake up

Exercise after praying - 5 minute yoga / 15 minute crunches (gotta have those sexy six pack by summer)

Swimming or aerobics sa gym pag sinuswerteng nagising ng maaga (Zumba / Bodypump / Turbo Kick or Jam Fitness)

Prepare morning oatmeal with sissy coffee (sissy kasi walang tapang.. hayz, miss Country Style's strong coffee na halos magpalpitate at mabuang ka pag di ka sanay...) 

Gumawa ng blog sa 'My Playpen' ng kung anu-anong bagay, (dvdng napanood, librong nabasa, mga recipeng nagawa o mukhang masarap, mga kuru-kuro or pagpapaka emo, etc..) 

Mag aral sa 'Learn' website (na hindi ko na nagagawa kasi nag expire na)

Learn a new recipe at least once a week

Read Christian magazines for inspiration (InTouch / Enjoying Everyday Life)

The Living Bread Digest daily contribution (based on articles I have read above)

Prepare lunch

Wash dishes - as in wash kiti wash kiti wash - morning, noon and night (sigh)...

Laundry then folding them (the most grueling task is the folding and putting the clothes away... kung puede lang tawagin si Julie)

Iron clothes (B's mostly) once a week. Mine doesn't need much ironing

PLAY CAFE WORLD! (which takes up most of my time unfortunately)

FB Updates (myself and others)

Watch internet TV at Hulu / TV Duck.. But Sidereel is my favorite
     Restaurant Impossible
     Iron Chef
     The Dog Whisperer
     The Walking Dead
     Once Upon A Time
     Hart of Dixie
     Pan Am
     Game of Thrones
     Charmed Reruns Season 1 -3
     Person of Interest (looking forward to)
    whatever movies are available on Hulu for free (recently watched Amelie, The Drunken Master, the Others, Gangs of New York and the Quiet American, more to come..)

Grocery Shopping twice a month

Dvd nights with popcorn (c/o B's homemade kettle corn - the best)

Go out 1x / month for monthsary

Eat at Mama Jo's place every Saturday

mangolekta ng coupons every Sunday

help out at an ailing 'senior' church by simply being there every Sunday (bilang nagpapaka super hero complex lang kaming mag asawa)

Skype family and friends on their weekends

Magpunta sa Safeway / Rite-Aid / Del Taco / Jamba Juice / A & W / Icing on the Cupcake / Peet's Coffee House (sort of a local Starbucks) McDo or KFC pag di masyadong malamig (at pag batung bato na) at least twice a month, specially if I have a craving for a red velvet cupcake or Del Taco's Spicy Jack Cheese Quesadilla.

Read a book before going to sleep (Done reading the Pulitzer Prize winner - 'Arab & Jew, Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land.' Just wondering how I'm going to blog about this sensitive subject). 

I'll surely miss this when I start working, for sure ang unang mababawas dito ay ang Cafe World - di ko alam kung malulungkot ako pero I welcome that scenario someday.


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