Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Typical Weekend

(Chores not included…)

It starts at 8AM (or later if I went to bed late last night… or early that same morning).
I wake up
I pray… (Yes, I do pray)
lay on my bed staring at the ceiling (for 30 minutes or less.. or  until I get hungry)
I eat breakfast (or lunch)
I surf the net for hours-update my yahoo avatars (which I think is soo cool coz theyre like virtual paper dolls that look like me), reply to my emails, chat @ messenger with friends from abroad, visit femalenetwork, play some yahoo games and your typical Solitaire.

-Midday- after lunch..

Go out to the mall to get a facial or buy some toiletries & accessories
Or if payday is still a millenium away, I just stay home to scrub my feet or deep condition my frizzy hair.
I get weekly visits from my mani-ped every Sunday, watch endless reruns of Charmed, SATC or Remember the Titans to gush over "Sunshine".

-At night-

Either we order pizzas, or one of us treats our parents out to dinner or eat my mom’s home cooked meal while we watch what’s on HBO, Starworld or the Jeff Corwin Experience on Animal Planet.

Then me and my sister would check out new items on brochures to buy stuff that we may throw out later, browse through tons of Preview magazines and (I) would scribble (my) comments on those uptight snotty society people while my sister laughs out loud reading them.

Finally, minutes before midnight, I write to my journal of my hopes, fears and dreams that are non-existent.

Then I pray.. I pray that Monday doesn’t come-or at least not the way I think it would. I pray for my friends, my foes, my folks, my future, I pray for those who seek the truth , the blessed, the damned. and for world peace…( either that or my countrymen’s sanity…)

So that’s what a single gurl… errrr woman does in between dates, night outs with friends and out of town trips.. Ain’t life just peachy for me?… ;D


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