Saturday, February 11, 2012

Julie and Julia

This is so ironic. Me? Writing a review about a cooking movie?? What planet am I on? 

My mother-in-law gave me a dvd of 'The French Chef' by Julia Child to get me into the habit of cooking. Way back, anything that has something to do with cooking really beleaguers me. I can almost remember telling my parents years ago when they were prodding me to learn how to cook, 'why would anyone make so much fuss about cooking? It would take longer  to cook a meal than to eat it, so why bother? Just buy food you'd like to eat.' Call it laziness but I think it was just my excuse not to have to buy ingredients because they are expensive. I'd rather buy shoes :)

Then I got married into a 'family' who appreciates good food with wine - and good food that you also prepare and not just order and eat from an expensive restaurant. That's when I decided to try my hand in cooking. Don't get excited. I still can't make a flan overnight. Not just yet. 

Well, nuff about me but back to the movie.  I don't know why critics couldn't make the connection between the similarities and the differences of these two women who were two generations apart.

This movie would have been perfect for any food lovers or Julia fans EXCEPT - the never ending one liner liberal bigotry on Republicans. Come on Hollywood! Enough already!!

I was familiar with Julia Child growing up but not in cookbooks. Only through an astrology book I've read categorizing her as one of the many 'Leo' personalities. I thought she was a famous actress back in the day.  Somehow I was drawn to her by something I couldn't comprehend.  I believe God pointed her out to me so I can someday start to cook (and start to heal). 

Both of them taught me a lesson. Julia - that you're never too old to start learning how to cook and that it's ok to make mistakes (as long as you don't burn down the house - ok I added that one) and  Julie - she continued to love Julia Child and never got bitter despite what she heard Julia said about her blog. 

I can relate to this for I have been (sort of) a little bit (still) bitter for almost a year about not getting my sales quota to the point I vowed not to buy a car from that brand that didn't renew their contract with me. For some reason I felt a tear roll down my eye as Julie whispered to Julia's picture in the museum showcasing Julia Child's kitchen that she love her, and continue to love her despite what Julia felt about her foodie blog (which was not good). Julie (in the movie) was never bitter of Julia and still thought of the good things that the 'Julia Project' brought to her. 

I prayed to God for healing. I wanted to let go of the resentment of that car brand and Paris (yes that was where they went as a trip incentive for achieving their sales quota). I was touched because this movie is God's way of showing me these lessons. How odd that you can learn a life changing lesson by watching a simple movie about cooking. God does really work in mysterious ways. 


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