Friday, February 17, 2012

The Grey

Really? This got a fresh 78% from Rotten Tomatoes? I don't claim to be better than they are but in this case, COME ON!! this movie JUST sucked. 

If you haven't seen this movie, don't bother. Just read my (cutting) opinion / spoilers about it.

Here is why this movie failed:

1) The producers were trying very hard to "Jaws-ify" (for lack of a better term) the Grey Wolves. Sorry, I wasn't scared. I know wolves are not Cesar Millan's expertise but I think he could have done a better job if the producers could have at least consulted him first.

2) The fact that characters survived the plane crash - Hardly believable.

3) The typical suspense plot is soooo so predictable where the last man walking will be the first one to die.

4) Then they 'try' to outrun the wolves in the snow - are you kidding me???

5) The black dude who looks like the most powerful from the group died in his sleep... Oh come on!

6) Once everyone starts to die, you decide to get the wallets for souvenirs back to the family? Really?? wallets?? Though the 'wallets' have a story in the not so surprising 'Oh, I'm in the wolves lair' angle in the end, I would still have gotten identification cards instead. Why carry the bulk dude?!

7) The emo / negative dude preferred to die alone in a picturesque landscape because well, surprise! he's just tired. He decided to just give up because he would rather have a snarling wolf's face as the last thing he sees instead of going to his ho hum office and see his boring officemates. Really now..  You won't even want to try and make a life? Go out? Have fun? eat a cupcake???

8) The men kept running away from the wolves for miles - only to end up in the wolf's lair which they were trying to avoid... righhtttttt.....

9) The alpha wolf made this 'don't attack him! he's mine!' (aimed at Liam Neeson's character) mental telepathy b.s. to his wolf subjects.

10) While I was waiting  for the ultimate man vs. wolf showdown - everything turned black and the credits came up... Olats... yun na nga lang ang hinihintay kong pambawi...

11) The usual wait after the credits for the final reveal. Both of them breathing, don't know who died.. Wait, what happened to the alpha wolf's subjects??? Did they just 'poof' disappear??

I like Liam Neeson but let's be real. This was completely a waste of my $20. I wouldn't even rent this out on Blockbuster, nor watch this on Hulu for free.


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