Saturday, February 11, 2012


I know this review is actually 16 years late (sa ngayon ko lang napanood eh, bakit ba?). Might as well give my thoughts while they're fresh.

It stars my ex Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and one of my favorite actors - Kevin Spacey.

First thing I noticed in this film is how they made the location drab, gloomy and constantly raining. San bang lugar to ng maiwasan?

The plot - two cops are trying to track a serial killer who believed he has a calling to purge the 7 deadly sins by killing people descriptive of each sin - Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy and Wrath. The killer was so sick of the sins that people even tolerate it in their homes and have decided to take matters in his own hands. 

If he truly reads the Bible ( I would assume since there was a big neon cross on his headboard), there is no way he would have thought to do what he did. The Bible teaches that vengeance is God's alone. That there is God's mercy and grace to let people have the chance to change their lives. That no matter how deep seated their personal dirt is, a person can turn his life around. That there is hope.

The porker could have started eating healthy one day at a time (Biggest Loser)

That lazyboner could have tried to clean his apartment for a change (The Hoarder)

That hooker could have become actively involved against human trafficking (Hookers for Jesus)

That model could have made a stand against fur, or promoting a healthier image (Kylie Bissutti who quit being a VS angel)

That greedy lawyer could have changed his ways and became a philanthroper (can be anyone successful - from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Warren Buffet)

That enviousness in his heart could have turned into joy for others (as taught by Andy Stanley)

That wrath could have been controlled in three breaths (or try attending Anger Management classes or do meditation exercises like tai-chi / yoga)

This is another one of those scripts to which they try to twist the truth and make people get scared to read something 'holy' because it may turn them crazy like the killer. It is clearly a blatant attack since the writer probably has not read the Bible to heart. Instead of purging the town by acting out as an avenging angel, try to be a blessing for a change. But that wouldn't make a good Hollywood movie, right? The question is who hasn't sinned? With the psycho's premise, then we should have all been killed because we are not worthy of God's love. But by His grace and mercy, we are saved thru His Son. It's just that simple. Why can't people get it?


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