Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Gifts from the LA Sheehy kids

In a few years time, these kids will grow, and presents to each other one forgotten Christmas day may be long gone from our memories. But its not that time just yet. Since I may forget in a couple of years, I would like to share with you the cute but meaningful gifts they (Ryan, Gavin and Finleigh) gave us. Each item has a description which represents and actually 'hits' the mark of me and my husband's personality.

Their gift to me -

Gabby the Gecko
'Always on the run, Gabby gets where she is going in no time quick. Her agility and dazzling beauty catches every eye, but she manages to keep safety first in her priorities! Dodging misfortune is only one of her many talents, she is known to regenerate her losses in the wag of her tail!'

Their gift to my husband -

Fernando the Frog
'From a land far away, this crooning prince is looking forward to a great transformation in his life. Drop by his pad to listen to him sing melodies of pure joy as he dreams of the miracles to come... Yes, Fernando is a definite optimist in a half - empty pond.'


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