Sunday, November 6, 2005

P.S. I LOVE YOU (The Book) By Cecelia Ahern

The first time I laid eyes on this book, I immediately got curious by the interesting summary found at the back. I bought it at Powerbooks that day. It took me awhile though before I was actually able to read it and it was timely when I did considering I read it on All Hallow’s Eve on a very looooong bus drive to destination nowhere. 

It is a story about a young woman struggling to survive after the loss of her husband and the letter that he left for her long after he was gone. With the help of her loving, but eccentric family, long time friends plus a few she met along the way, it taught her that though life is brief, love transcends even death. I love the way the author interconnects every character to each other. The changes and expectations unmet, disappointments, frustrations, surprises, funny quips from friends and family members-all in all, it’s no wonder why this book is such a best seller.   

You may find that the plot may be quite predictable in the beginning where Holly lives in such a small world, that almost everybody knows each other. But you will be surprised at the end. It may not be a “happily ever after” ending but it is a happy one nonetheless.

For those who are still optimistic about life and love and keep the faith on finding their soul mates, this book is a good read. But for those whose life they think are in dire straits, they may find that the tale may be too good to be true. 

You’ll probably say, “A man like Gerry still exists? Oh please….” Don’t worry though, the ending will definitely put you back to earth. Though if you ask me, I really like how the story ended.
5 stars!


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