Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Midnight Phantom

(painting by Egon Schiele - The Embrace)

His kiss I felt was hot yet cold
I begged for him, on me to hold
his eyes, his lips I can't define
How can I own what is not mine

His face I see but vaguely still
Beneath the mist I can almost feel
his body on mine, so gentle yet so strong
it must be right, yet this is wrong
The hunger he feels to take what is due
I finally saw it on a different view
I let him in, though I know it's a sin
to quench this thirst that I have from within
My breath he took while I was torn
my wrists he locked on his hands alone
I could not move, I could not speak
his power on me has made me weak

As I held him tight while he consumes me more
our world rocks forth in rhythmic lore
his figure I savor, his spirit I embrace
I was carried off to a different place
And when our rendezvous was over and done
my midnight companion, alas! He was gone.
never to be seen as I was cursed by the night
My dream has ended at the first ray of light.


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