Friday, April 7, 2006

Love in the Seasons (A Poem to Reclaim)

Life started sometime in spring
to which I unfold the happiness you bring
for this is the season where the trees shall bloom
it is colorful enough to ease this gloom

I spent some time under a tree
hearing the birds sing I am pleased
for this beginning I have fallen in-love
about your sweet talks that i cannot dub

Then heat was felt when summer arrived
to the depths of the water I chose to dive
and for some reason its sadness that I’ve felt
feeling that somehow I have lost myself

For this is not my idea of a vacation
that i can no longer express my appreciation
because from then on you’re out of sight
as it was a hard thing to feel alright

and as the leaves come down and fall
it is the season I never want to recall
for it is the time that a life was lost
such loss I hate without a cause

and from this view my eyes shut dead
seeing nothing but you instead
but still for myself I’ll keep my hope
that for any tragedies I could cope

and as the snow of winter began to bore
these feet of mine on the frozen shore
I was thinking as you were around
with an unspoken "hi" it was love that I’ve found

This is the season where the days stood colder
making me lonely cause the nights were longer
and at those nights I have none further ado

~to summersky from silver-eyes~
(with its initial and final revision)


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