Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Love Affair with Books

Reading books is a personal experience. I used to think that reading was only for those who live boring lives. I was sorely mistaken. With that, my apologies.

What I love about reading is as if I am transported to a different place and time… Whether it be a battle on the Caribbean shores, or lazy afternoon strolls on the rolling hills of Ireland, reading actually makes my craving for wanderlust even greater. I immerse myself on the plot, the characters, the time and place of the story.

Reading is also a healthy(ier) option to get away from your own confusing world (if you have a vivid imagination, that is) without having the headaches from a hangover. Books actually have a way of teaching you about life before it unfolds itself.

Like a lover of music, I am open to all possibilities in books. Not just because heck, knowing the plots on the latest bestsellers make me sound (and look) smart. Reading actually makes me feel calm, composed… Peaceful. It has a way of tempering my fiery nature. 

I strongly recommend reading (as an alternative to the alternative), no matter what genre- whether it be fiction, biography, prose…. It’s food for the brain.


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