Friday, September 22, 2006

Christ the Lord Out of Egypt

Let me summarize my review of the book through my email to Ms. Anne Rice.

"My eyebrows raised when I saw your latest book featured in a magazine. The gothic Anne Rice I have known who writes books about Vampirism and witchcraft made and published a book about Christ? I thought to myself that there must be some blasphemy in it or maybe she needed to get good reviews, or maybe diverting from the Vampire and Witchy chronicles may give her more money than she needed. I was skeptical~ The reason I read your most ambitious book yet "Christ the Lord Out of Egypt". 

I was astounded, dumbfounded the very least. I felt that Jesus’ Himself was telling His tale to me-in a personal manner. Sharing his story as a young boy. As young as His Divine and human eyes see it.

What was more heart leaping was your note at the end of the book. You have epitomized the Scripture in Matthew "Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given to you". Your research in Christ has lead you to many wonders that your soul has not even dared to imagine. You sought Him and you found Him. And you know that your lifetime is not enough to know all the answers to your questions but you are joyous in the quest to seek the "truth" nonetheless. Your notes made me cry because you pierced my heart with such great joy. The fact is that God has pre-destined you and your husband no matter what your past. I know that in your heart, you know that your husband is safe.

After closing the books’ final pages and even before coming to your website, I felt that there will be a sequel to this book. Stand firm in the faith, Ms. Anne. Be aware of the thoughts, of the whispers beside you in the night. I pray that the sequels to your book will be according to His will and not your own. You will be delving in the subject that most people even with the strongest faith has disputes to.

I pray for you Ms. Anne. May God be with you."

check out her webbie:
5 stars


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