Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Biatch is Baaack

After a loong hiatus from Friendster, I just wanted to check things around… whats new with everyone.

Apparently, my friends have grown (the number, and the people), also some of Friendster features have improved.

But I also noticed other people transferring or having other personal webbies like Facebook or Multiply. What do they have that Friendster doesn’t? and why oh why, am I such a hardcore Myspace aficionado?

Well, its not my business to know other people’s reasons for such. If you ask me, I am happy with my yahoo 360 for my private PRIVATE blogs, Friendster to keep in touch with my friends here and across the globe, and Myspace (my favorite website hangout) for my creative ability (you wont believe the features MYSPACE has!)-limitless cultural possibilities (my international friends’ blogs can really be witty, hilarious, romantic and downright political) and of course, my random blogging. Thanks to Kolokay who got me hooked into reading, and Anna Banana, to this form of expression. 

Actually, i never thought writing can be my passion. I used to believe its my older sister who has this gift. I’m the kind of writer who needs to be conditioned, not by alcohol, but by hormones - I’m talking about when I’m having pms, or when there's a full moon(I don’t know why). I’m usually at my expressive peak during these times. Its not automatic in me. I’ve had days when I wanted to write but - duh.. can’t seem to find the words to start. I had to exert real effort into that subject-verb agreement, not to mention spelling, (at times) and my poems can be quite.. well.. unorthodox. But after reading a lot of people’s public diaries, I became somewhat confident in sharing what I feel (without too much drama, that can be really embarrassing), what I know, and what I want to learn in life. I’m such a private person (yes, I am!)  I have thoughts that may seem scandalous to others, or maybe acts that may seem controversial. That's why I like to keep things as private as I can. I am not shy, I am just privy about stuff that I feel needs to be kept to myself..well, so far so good.

Have you ever felt so good and wanted to share your story to people without hearing any negative reactions that you wanted to really burst??? Or fear that telling everybody happy stories may jinx it??? I feel like a balloon about to pop! But after 20 or so years, I’ve learned to pop only to the people I can trust, people who give encouragement and support, people who will not put down what I think. There is still a lot to tell though, but I’ll leave it to people closest to me who already knows bits and pieces about this.

Long story short, why did i write this blog?

Oh nothing.. i just miss my journal thats all  

Kisses and prayers xoooxoox


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