Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 and counting

2007 - another year just breezed by. And with it, comes a new year full of lessons to be learned. 30 years passed, I realized a lot of things about myself and my life around me.

           1. My body became a fat magnet.
I used to eat anything and everything without getting fat. My body type used to be pretty skinny at every part. I used to envy little girls with a little meat in their bodies. For me, it was a sign of wealth. I dreamed of having a round, Coca Cola body than my scrawny one.  However, I realized that as years are added to my age, so are layers and layers of fat without any effort - and without any effort it was. Generally, my arms, shoulders, neck and face are ok (Thank God for my genetically high cheek bones which I have inherited from my mom). Oh but food never tasted sooooo much better  when you’re 30! My boyfriend introduced me to a healthy food point system. I am supposed to eat only 22 food points if I work out. I thought it was as simple as a breeze. But when I started counting, I found out that I eat too much! Up to 34 food points without exercise! Now my belly nearly looks like a tire around my waist!. And I also realized that it would take me a month to shed them off as against a week of diet and calisthenics when I was 16! With this, I have made a resolve not just to look great but feel great. To bring back my skinny old self and to a healthier new me this 2008.  This is not just about being vain or depriving myself of being happy by avoiding the foods I enjoy. This is to learn how to eat foods in moderation. I know food lovers may not agree, but if you're thinner, you'll feel lighter and you’re less lethargic.
          2. Nobody could put you down but yourself.
Hard to accept but true. If some people are so negative about me or good things happening to me in general, I avoid them like the flu - regardless of how I am related to that person.
         3. You only forgive those who seek it.
If a person is too prideful to ask for forgiveness, then its not worth it. Also, people who lash out on you without a good heart to heart talk is only a waste of your time and can not be considered a friend. Life is too precious to be wasted on toxic peeps.
        4. Teach a lesson by example.
I don’t believe in killing someone with kindness. Some people just need to be taught by inflicting them with their own poison. That’s the only way they’ll realize what they have done if they felt their own sting.
        5. Never be too afraid to try.
If faced with an unforeseen event, I only use two words that are most effective 1) "JUST PRAY"  2) BE POSITIVE 3) HOPE FOR THE BEST.. (ok, those are four words)…

Another year - another life - another challenge - another hope. To all the 300+ whatever days that will be added to our box of memories, I keep in mind that faith is the only grace that could fill whatever void may come.

H A P P Y 2 0 0 8 TO ALL! 

And soon, that month of mush will be rolling in :p    


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