Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fate of the saints

This is just but a glimpse of my darker side. I would just like to share with you a poem made by an Irish friend. Wala lang.. I’ll hide his name under risingwind.

laughing with joy at what hope brings
we bathe in the depths of a timeless soul
our eyes so open and yet so closed
do we live for life or for what life may give?
can we change the distance we must travel?
or is the world the oyster of our fragmented shell?
can we love all we meet without misunderstanding
of emotions getting in the way of what we can achieve?
do we want to strive or strive to want?
is it a collective or a single ball of light fading in the darkness?
do we look on fools as mirrors of ourselves or on ego as what
we might be if we could stay out of our own way?
light shines down destroying the shadows of the past
and the wind blows from the north and with its  purity
cleanses all in its path leaving in its wake a new dawn.
crying angels with harps of gold hold the fortitude of empty lives
upon their silver wings and with compassionate smiles they revile
in the disharmony for they know what they must do.
time passes, man fights man destroying women and child
knowing that life cannot by sustained but still they revel
in glory as they stand alone
dysfunction, disharmony, chaos in the midst of fear
where is the light?
is it dimming or just futher out of reach?


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