Sunday, May 14, 2006

Back to Freaking Work

After a loooong relaxing vacation, its back to earth on Monday… Oh why can’t everyday be Easter?!

People in droves are packed in the arrival lounges of airports, seaports and bus terminals who can’t anxiously wait to get home. take a bath, upload pictures from their digicams, call friends, order take outs, and just enjoy time with their family. I missed being on this side of the pack.

As I type on my keyboard. I’m half awake and expecting to have a semi-traffic jam on a Monday morn, if I’m lucky not be caught in a vehicular accident along the way, between a bus with employees raring to go to work and a sleepy truck driver on its way to the casa.

Moments like these sometimes would make me want to crawl back to my bed and extend my leave. Not to mention clients which are more than eager to piss you off to press for unmet deadlines. If only I can turn off my company paid cellphone and just… pretend that I’m sick. I feel so sick I think I’m gonna throw up. I guess my illness is psychosomatic. I’m at my wit’s end here. I feel like a soldier in battle, caught in a crossfire and feeling too scared to go out of my foxhole only to find out that I pissed on it.

I want to let go… I want to let it alll gohhhh… If only it was that easy. Bills to pay, dreams to make, imperfections to… welll… to be perfected…. (sigh)

The clock continous to tick… if only I could stop time. Stop the inevitable.

That tomorrow will be another day in boot camp.


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