Saturday, January 25, 2014

Still Breathing

The score was what totally melted me on this one. I thought I already heard the best from James Horner or Thomas Newman, boy was I dead wrong. The music weaves throughout the movie which made me feel really warm and fuzzy inside and it helped many moments in the film. Add to that the special reference to the local legend of a church window in San Antonio Texas. 

There was something in the way Fletcher's voice (Brendan Fraser) told the legend's story that made it seem just pure poetry to me. Joanna Going is simply beautiful. Even when she played a scammer, she had class and acted like a lady. She reminded me so much of Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty in the early years of Charmed (tv series). I just wished the movie used the long hair she had in the poster. There's no nudity or crude sex to spoil the movie like most rom-coms have today. I would put this movie high on my romantic movie preferences in line with 13 Going 30, Fifty First Dates, Meet Joe Black, and Some Kind of Wonderful. I'm kind of kicking myself right now why I have been stalling to watch this movie for a very long time.

But of course, who could resist Brendan Fraser's face and biceps? One review I read wrote "George of the Jungle as a romantic leading man? I would have moved into a tree just to look into those eyes before I die". Funny but it was exactly the perfect word to describe Brendan Fraser. Nobody else could have pulled off Fletcher's character more than he could ever do. I'm glad this movie was done during Brendan Fraser's heyday! Viva La 90s! 

Some critics (or cynics I may say) complained about the lack of chemistry between the two actors. But the doubting and quietly brooding beauty of Roz, and the macho pseudo weirdo charm of Fletcher (and the way they kiss) was just quite the opposite. It was perfect. The title of the movie should have been 'Barely Breathing' as I was breathless watching Brendan Fraser (so ok, maybe I'm biased).

The very last scene felt like I was in a dream and somehow, I didn't want it to end just yet. Though the movie was a bit underrated, it was actually pretty good. Definitely a cult classic and a must on Valentine's Day.


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