Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Night of the Living Deed

I don't know if this was even worthy of being put here. Oh well, Halloween is Halloween and that is reason enough for me to start reading books like these.

The story wasn't creepy as the book looks. In fact, I would've preferred reading Nancy Drew because well, the plot is light, fun, and unbelievable. Imagine a ghost that changes clothes, has a notepad as transparent as he is which he flicks to read or write notes. The ghosts talk to the heroine like plain old you and me. No spooky rattling of chains, no nothing. It's as if the story says once you die and you become a ghost, you get stuck to wherever you died talking to (gifted) people as ordinary as day. Oh, and a nine year old girl that chooses Mr. Spock (yes that Star Trek alien) as her Halloween costume and knows what a 5 mph in a car? Come on!

The villains were also verrryyy predictable. Obviously.

You could say I wasted three days of my time instead of reviewing for my next state exam. The book was so juvy, it wouldn't even measure up to spookier classics of Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Off to my next Halloween book before all Hallow's Eve, hopefully not as disappointing as this.

But ok, because it was quite entertaining the least, I'd give it two stars. 


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