Monday, August 13, 2012

Act of Valor

I love watching patriotic action films, even films that are underrated or low budgeted. Films like The Long Kiss Goodnight, or Leon, so me and hubby gave this movie a chance.

I loved that they actual Seals were drafted to star in the film. The movie featured America's firepower, the use of high tech gadgetry, military equipment, and the strategies mimicked by action rpg / first person shooter video games.

But here is where the movie failed for me:

1) Wikipedia described the first part of the plot as 'In the Philippines, a terrorist kills the U.S. ambassador, his son, and dozens of children at an elementary school, using a vehicle-borne IED disguised as an ice cream truck'. That part is what killed the move for me. 1st, International Schools in the Philippines don't look anything near that building they had. They actually had to film that scene in Cambodia. You can see a slip of a mini Angkor Wat white tower before going inside the school, and some squiggly Cambodian writing. It was funny because you can hear Tagalog being spoken in the background, and the truck had 'sorbetes' in it which made me really confused. What the hell? Are you in Cambodia??? or in the Philippines?? And in the Philippines, we don't sell ice cream through a moving 'mini' van. True, we're still ways away from Singapore but the other side of the coin also gives a different picture. So yeah, that kinda irritated me..

2) The theatrical poster screams 'The Band of Brothers' copycat.

So basically, the movie was used as an initiative to recruit SEALS. All in all the movie wasn't that bad. But it could've been done with a lot more improvement on research at least. I don't mind Philippines being used as a plot for terrorist grounds but please, make it more believably credible. 


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