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It's Called WORK for a Reason - Larry Winget

Everyone who's working should buy this book! If you're managing employees, all the better. If only I'd known about this book before, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. I do practice some of the author's advise and some of his lashes I'm guilty of too. I'm sure you won't be spared, proving that this book is a business must-have.

Once you bought the book, highlight and make notes. Share it with your friends and co-workers / employees. From the self-proclaimed 'Mr. Pitbull of Personal Development', he says it IN YOUR FACE. Yeah, he may dress like a tool (part of his branding which I can understand) but he sure knows what he's talking about. 

Here's a snippet of a chapter I'm sure will get you hooked...(with my notes in purple)


"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here first." - Mark Twain

Employees have developed a sense of entitlement regarding their jobs, their work space, and their company.

Your company owes you a safe working environment. That's about it. As long as stuff doesn't fall on your head, the company has done its part. You will be harassed. Your feelings will get hurt. You will stub your toe. It happens on the street and at home and you can't do a thing about it. It will also happen at work. It's called life. Companies shouldn't care about your feelings. They should care about your rights. If you're happy on the job, that's a bonus. If you aren't happy that's your problem, not the company's. You have been paid. Give thanks and move on.

The deal was you would show up when they told you to, and you would do what they paid you to do. For that, you would receive an amount of money that you agreed to. A deal was struck and all agreed. You provide results, and they provide the money.

(This part reminded me of my hardworking dad.) My (Larry's) dad worked for Sears for forty-seven years. He didn't always love it. I almost never heard him complain. After a washing machine fell on him, he was transferred inside the store to sell sporting goods. By the way, he didn't sue anyone when he got hurt on the job. He went to the hospital, got better and went back to work. No hard feelings; stuff happens. He never once thought of motivation and attitude and his rights. His only motivation was to do the job he had been paid to do. Why? He had obligations. He had a family to take care of and bills to pay. 'You pay me, and I'll work for you. Period.' Why? Because like it or not, happy or not, motivated or not, a deal is a deal. They paid - he worked. 

"But Larry we've come a long way since then!"

You are right; we have come a long way. I'm all for protecting employee's rights but Dang! what about the company's rights?

Why should the company have to suffer because you weren't happy today? Always remember that you are an expense to your company, and if you don't make yourself worth more than you cost, then you are an expense your company simply can't afford

Got it yet? No work - no pay. No work - no job. 

- Companies should be fair but they actually don't owe you anything.
-A deal is a deal. Live by it
-Make yourself worth more than you cost
-Companies exist to make profit, not to make sure you're happy

But hey don't just be a free-loader and expect me to put everything in this blog (Plus, I don't want to get sued). Buy it! It's an entertaining read which is hardly an apt description for motivational business books these days. 


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