Sunday, November 26, 2006

Personal Thoughts

    Q1.) How would you best define your faith?
Passionate. I'd fight for what I believe in, even if everybody thinks I'm crazy or otherwise (not real).

Q2.) Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in love that knows no boundaries, sadly, some think of it as a myth. That is why I rarely say it. People just feel it from me. Even those who think that they're not worth it. And yes, that includes giving respect to your enemies. Yes, it's a hard job but someone's gotta do it-the more you hate, the more you turn into your enemy, then you wouldn't be so different from the one you hated in the first place.

Q3.) What's your opinion of your country?
No matter the bad side like too much politicking resulting to poverty, I believe more in the people that dream, that strive to work hard to achieve their goal, Overseas Filipino workers tirelessly serving other nations to give bread and butter to their families back home. I firmly believe that the people "make" the country.  

I just wished Filipinos would be more disciplined and emphatic towards other fellow Filipinos. Remove remnants of foreign influence such as "mañana" habit ,crab mentality, gossiping, and try to turn spare time into productive time (yes, inlcuding Mondays). But of course, to have a sense of balance. Not just to shop but to save, save, save! Cut credit cards to avoid debt. If Filipinos will change their livestyles, it would be easier for us to reach for the stars.
Q4.) What does the word 'Omnipotent' mean to you? 

Nothing happens without Him. And nothing happens by chance. There is a reason for everything. Listen. The answer is all around you, but we just try to avoid the truth. You are alive, not just because you choose to live but also because of grace.

Q5.) Do you believe that you are on your correct path in life? If not/so, why and how do you know it?
I don't exactly know. I kept on making detours to avoid the most possible pitfall or pain but I always wind up lost. I don't think I'll ever learn, but I try to enjoy the journey anyway, yes-even the painful ones.

Q6.) What does the phrase, 'tip of the iceberg' mean to you?

To me it means that there is a bigger picture to everything. Don't just look at the surface. Look deep, look beyond. Search tirelessly...

Q7.) What do you think of our generation?

Nothing is as confused and as creative as the "X" ~ from rock, to metal, to punk, to alternative, to gothic. As experimental as we are crazy, Kudos to those who have 'journeyed' far and still managed to come home.

Q8.) Do you believe that things happen for a reason?

Words can't express my thoughts in one paragraph so I will just do justice by quoting a myspace friend's answer. 'I think things happen to me for a reason. The reasons are not black and white. A large part of what happens to me is a direct result of what I do, my character, how I interact with people and the choices I make throughout the day. In general things happen because of the great mass of brains that exist in the world, fighting each other / loving each other etc.'- (Nobody could have said it better than you, Famo. Thanks a million for this questionnaire )

Q9.) How do you see yourself in relationship with the world - both material and spiritual?

I still have a lot to learn (specially in saving) but it really takes more than one lifetime to get to know your Creator. By searching for the meaning of life, love and God you actually get to know yourself more. I believe He shows us the way, no matter how lost and far we go.

I definitely believe in life after death. I find it sad that after you die, it's the end, and I refuse to believe that if I am bad, ill come back as cucaracha!

Q10.) Finally, if you could choose to be a god / goddess of your own creation (doesn't have to be an existing deity),  what or who would you be?
I want to be a goddess not of romantic love but of 'agape' love. Research the meaning of the word 'agape' and you wouldn't understand why I chose to be one. God, I should have been a nun! But I guess I'm too naughty to be one ;)


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