Saturday, August 19, 2006


I now realized that all the articles I wrote in this blog, and in Myspace entitled Signal no. 2 (sorry, just for the chosen one) has something to do with what I read, watched, experienced (and currently experiencing).

To keep my mind off things, I randomly read (past tense) issues about sex workers, a book by Paulo Coelho, a woman killing her husband because of abuse, empowered women in their 30s (as if..), emotional maturity issues (which I will be blogging, together with that Paulo Coelho book I have learned so much just from one sitting), I also watch(ed) the amazingly brilliant but ever sarcastic Dr. Gregory House and most recently, Kill Bill 1 & 2 – For the First Time (better late than never), which by the way, may be too gory for some, but is an amazing work of art. Quentin Tarantino definitely improved a lot from Pulp Fiction.

Actually, Kill Bill reminded me of someone… (argggg! Plague! Get off my head! xxx)

If only I can log off my brain and restart it again in 50 years…

I need to reboot…


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