Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Calm before the Storm

Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that something is just too peachy and that something is bound to come up? I do.

I’m not used to being peaceful. But I am at peace right now, and its a wonderful feeling. You will notice it from the paintings I have posted in myspace (My profile for those who only have access to my heart, sorry). They are full of light and life. Though I would have wanted my life to be always peaceful, I know for certain that my life will never be perfect. There will always be twists and turns, valleys, calm waters, rough oceans, cliffs and crags. So when all of a sudden the sun comes up and shines on me, I know that storm clouds are just ahead, ready to cover the light and to dampen my spirits once more.

But it’s no cause for worries. This does not mean that I do not hope for the best or that I never wanted to be happy, nor have I the right to be or not to be. For I know that after the storm comes the sun again and it has always been this way. I just need to be prepared thats all. This is the scout’s mantra that I need to always remember. Not to laugh too joyously in the sun but not to dwell too much on the gloomy days of rain. I guess thats life. Oh but give me the right to laugh vicariously. After all, laughter is free.

So yeah, now I can really say that "no matter where life takes me, my journey will sure to have a happy ending, in whatever small form it may come."

I’m probably more grown up than I think, and by the grace of God, it actually took an Asturian to shake me. Gracias ü


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