Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A Borrowed Blog...

Ok, angst aside. First, I just want to share a piece of blog from a very good friend. God! She’s one of my supahfriends featured on the Brat Pack pic
*** My brother, in an effort to look "brotherly", gave me an "akbay-kapatid" at the church this evening. But since my brother is known for being "bionic", he ended up giving me the "sideway neck crunch of death". I can no longer crane my neck to the left. Thank you Kuya.
On a serious note, read her brief ‘commentario’ regarding a priest’s sermon at a church she attended
*** Speaking of church, we heard a ‘real’ sermon from the priest this evening, that concerning the "blasphemous" literature of Dan Brown and the irreverent "Gospel of Judas". The topic is not entirely new to us. He has been harping on these so-called ‘demonic’ media, the trend supposedly started by The Last Temptation of Christ. I mean, really? Does the church have to wedge this thought in our head? It makes them sound guilty and paranoid. Dan Brown’s works are labeled as "works of fiction" right from the start. It never aimed to make all Christians turn away from Catholicism. I guess if people’s faith has been swayed, that means its not that strong in the first place. Then whose fault is that? To say that by watching the Da Vinci Code, we in turn are "giving our money to Satan" is ludicrous, if not a direct assault to our better judgment and intelligence. We go to the theater to watch a movie and enjoy ourselves. Its not a ’secret’ meeting to establish a Satanist cult. Instead of calling the readers of Dan Brown’s works Satanist and giving sermons on how we will all burn in hell if we dare to watch the devil’s work, why wont the church do what it does best? Set a good example and teach us how to be good Christians by showing us the way of the Lord.
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I would loooove to share with you her blogsite but of course, I had to ask permission first. I’m so proud of you kid!


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