Thursday, April 20, 2006

Between Class and Crass

I recall a few days ago, I was accompanying a good buddy to shop for a pair of flip flops to use at our beach party (whatever). My buddy is interested in buying "Hawaianas" or "Havanas" slippers due to budget constraints (Gag). Being the angel (or devil) of mercy, I spared my buddy the humiliation of wearing a copycat. Which from the famous phrase, is really second rate! Don’t get me wrong. I for one, ain’t interested to buy a pair of those Posh Spartan slippers for all I care. I’d rather buy quality material like Merrell(-which I have) It’s just that, well, If you’re gonna buy slip-ons, better buy a generic one or if you’re really ambitious, buy the original Havaianas. Buying the original kind is always better than buying a cheap imitation. I told my buddy, "it’s all about the (Brazilian) flag." (Yeah, that’s what most of you are paying for).

Never forsake class. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a drop dead bombshell. Class can never be bought. It is earned by our choices. (or most of the time, by birthright-which unfortunately, most of us dont have the luxury of).

Some people may have a few quirks and weirdness under their sleeves, not to mention personal issues. But at the end of the day, it is still how you carry yourself that matters.


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