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Daryl and Beth

Still a better love story than Twilight

I know I'm going to piss off a lot of Caryl shippers out there, but I'm going to let it out in the open. THE BETHYL SHIP MUST SAIL.

There were mixed reviews of the 'Still' episode. I can understand as most of the articles posted out there were made by women (like me). Women who either want the Caryl ship to continue or not have Daryl hooked up with anyone because it would destroy their wet dreams. 

Let me echo a comment I read in a forum. "Let's be honest, you don't care about age, you're against it for one of the three reasons 1. You have a crush on Daryl and can't see him with another chick, 2. You dislike Beth because she doesn't kick ass like everyone else. 3. You're delusional and think he and Carol had potential." - Nuff said.

Without further ado. Here are the main reasons why I dig the BETHYL SHIP:

1) Beth needs Daryl. She might have brought down a walker or two but she's no Michonne who can tackle a horde of z's with a swoosh of her blade. She definitely needs someone like Daryl by her side in order to survive. If that's not a core ingredient of a blossoming romance, I don't know what is. Besides, these are the  kind of stuff Avon Romance novels are made of. Let me add, if the vampires have Bella and Edward, let the zombie apocalypse have Beth and Daryl.
2) Daryl needs someone like Beth. He lets Beth boss him around because aside from the guilt of having her dad gone thinking it's partly his fault, I have a feeling that deep down, Daryl WANTS TO BE NEEDED, hence the reluctant leader. He indulged her fixation for booze, always looked out for her even when he looked like he doesn't care. Sure he had some grunts in the beginning but that's because he's scared and doesn't want to lose anyone anymore, thus not wanting to connect at first. But breaking down at Beth. Wow. I've never seen Daryl so sad after Merle's passing. Now that's a connection.

3) Hershel would definitely approve. If I was Hershel, I'd rather have Beth end up with Daryl than some yahoo out there don't you think? Bringing Daryl home to Papa in the ZA is equivalent to bringing home a brain surgeon in our reality. :D Daryl keeps Beth safe, fed, and cared for in the ZA world. That's the only thing that should matter. Until of course, she got kidnapped! Damn you one eyed mutt! :D

4) Maggie approves! Lauren Cohan was interviewed about what Maggie would think about Beth and Daryl's 'relationship'. If Maggie, her own sister in The Walking Dead approve, all other baseless arguments on age inappropriate issues go out the window.

5) Daryl can teach Beth a thing or two. Driving, hunting, tracking, etc. Also, Daryl was never a kid because of the abuse he experienced. He's emotionally immature. Beth coaxed out that inner child in him by burning down the house - literally, to help him let go of his past. Daryl initiated Beth with Moonshine. I'm pretty sure he can initiate her in some other aspects ;) I'm talking about love you perv... but ok, we can all dream. You go JB!

6) They're a wild card pairing. It's so odd that it seems so right. Sort of like a yin-yang. I'd rather have our Daryl end up with sweet innocent Beth than with a mature and experienced woman (Rosita included). If AMC / The Walking Dead let this ship sail, it will be the most ingenious pairing in the history of television, like EVER. Norman Reedus also mentioned that Beth became Daryl's beacon. His candle. His light at the end of the tunnel. He never said anything that sweet and romantic about Carol.

7) Let's go there, Why not Carol? I love Carol don't get me wrong. But when its already two seasons over and no action? Something's amiss. Daryl looks at her only as a platonic friend. Get over it Caryl shippers ;) Its no longer a 'slow burn', its already a 'no burn'. And with the way Carol's character arc is going in S4, the last thing she needs is to hook up with Daryl.

Daryl cared for Carol because he felt bad about what she had to go through with Sophia. Plus, Daryl has rebuffed Carol's 'teases' too many times. One of my forum friends who was previously abused as a kid explained why she sees Daryl with Beth better than Carol. Though Norman Reedus mentioned in interviews that damaged people gravitate towards each other like Daryl and Carol, I believe what Daryl needs is someone who still has light in them. Dark and Dark don't exactly match. After what Beth's seen the way her dad got killed, she still hoped there are still good people out there. That's the kind of faith Daryl needs, even when its that blind. But see, Beth was right after all. Their friends are not dead when Daryl thought otherwise.

8) You love who you love. Once it hits you, BAM! There's no turning back. With all these talk about age gap going on and all, IT'S THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, MAN! You can't afford to be choosey! Besides, Beth is of age already. Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. And, I don't see why a brotherly love in the beginning can't bloom into something even more beautiful. Remember, they're hot blooded humans and they're not kin. Also, I know that there are couples out there who have huge age gaps and could still make it work.

9) The romantic tension is so high between them. (Notice I used 'romantic', not 'sexual') They don't just have something 'brotherly'. Sure Daryl is wayy older, BUT just hear me out. If my older brother, or an older male cousin looked at me the way Daryl 'awkwardly' looks at Beth? I'd be totally creeped out. 

With all the foreshadowing of what's in store in Beth's future, we all feel that Beth's gonna bite the dust pretty soon. Hell a lot of people even expect it to happen. I don't expect her god-mode to last. Look at what happened to Hershel. So have a heart and give the girl a last chance to lock lips with the 'Dix'. I'm not even asking for hot one on one action, just a sweet kiss between the two, I'm pretty easy to please.

So there, I spent almost half of my day blogging about this already. That just shows how passionate I am about the show. So AMC, MAKE 'BETHYL' HAPPEN.


Aleshia Miller said...

I agree 100% I do not get why people don't think this pairing is good I believe it is genius she is exactly what Daryl needs and vice versa

Abbi Fortune said...

I love you. I have no doubt that the Bethyl ship will eventually set sail, but I needed to hear this to show that there is a reasoning behind my willingness to not give up and let this ship sink !! <3

tough nut said...

Its been a week after the mid-season fail. And I can not believe that the team behind the Walking Dead wasn't creative enough to pull this off. What a waste of character development...

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