Friday, July 26, 2013

The Walking Dead Funniest Memes

In anticipation of The Walking Dead Season 4, I came across the funniest memes I've ever read. Thank God there's no zombie apocalypse! This is what bored people come up with when they have free time on their hands....

My favorite Daryl Memes :D

Daryl somehow made a poncho look badass


salad Daryl?

how about a salad bar?

Hey, I know exactly how you feel baby boy :D....

....and the most unforgettable Daryl meme of all (lol!)

In the meantime, while waiting for Season 4...

#hopefully no copyright infringement (even if there might be), all memes were taken from random webbies.. (, pandawhale, buzzfeed, and funnyordie)


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