Monday, January 28, 2013

Why 'CHARMED' For Me, Ended With a Sour Note

One day I was listening to a collection of the series' music from Seasons 1 to 3 in my iPod (which I painstakingly researched and only the best were chosen). Then I got to thinking of why I got depressed with the show that changed my TV viewing. This TV series made a big impact in my single life in the 90's that I was really affected with every episode,  every fashion, happiness, and heartbreak the sisters felt. When, even as lucid as I was aware that this was just pure fiction, it came to a point that I was becoming borderline obsessive about the show. My sister and a cousin included.

I can relate best with the youngest sister Phoebe. I, being the youngest too, had a free spirit like her. Phoebe was adventurous, irresponsible, and boy crazy but has a heart of gold. She fell for the wrong men who were clearly sincere but were not meant to be.  But my heart was broken when she had that ridiculous page boy hair cut that did not suit her beautiful face in Season 4 or 5, or the way they killed off Cole.

I preferred Seasons 1 to 2, where creator Constance Burge concentrated on the demon of the week per episode. But it is with a heavy heart I say, that  the series did not go the way most fans wanted, and why the series slowly tanked with the departure of Shannen Doherty, or demise of Prue Halliwell whichever you prefer. Go ahead, check the ratings. It was never as high as it was in Seasons 1 to 3.  I could rant and rant about the show but all I could do to this day is to never get pass to watching episode 21 of Season 3 because I know in episode 22, Prue dies. 

Then we get into this stupid story line of a pastey white, half-sister trying to mesh in with the chemistry unsuccessfully.  
Even with Rose McGowan's addition to the series, I mean bless her heart,  it was never the same after Prue died, or Shannen left, whatever.

Although I would really, in my heart of hearts, like to be open to Paige's character, having a fourth sister destroyed the dynamics of the eldest, middle, and youngest sibling. Even Holly Marie Combs to this day prefers to be the mediator instead of the oldest. There was something amiss...

I believe the series would have lasted longer if Shannen didn't quit the show. If I had a magic wand (or a witch's cauldron), I thought of rewriting Charmed. The plot would have been more consistent and not have a lot of lose ends. Piper didnt have to go through all that bitterness and anger, unwillingly stepping up to the role of the eldest sister when Prue died. And I am still for Phoebe and Cole, and all the love interests she encountered before ending up with Coop. But they should have at least given Cole a different kind of redemption. Cole sacrificing himself for Phoebe and Prue and having him die instead of Prue, thus earning him the right to have his dad's soul carried by Leo in heaven. For Cole to be watching over Phoebe for eternity be with Coop is part of the sacrifice he had to do. Another thing the writers and producers could have done was have the sisters' powers strong enough that they all didn't have to live in the Manor, and have at least one sister per episode. Told you I was borderline obsessive. Not to mention that I actually had all sisters (yes, Paige included) astrologically analyzed. Prue - Scorpio, Piper - (should be) a Virgo, Phoebe - (should be) a Leo, and Paige - (should be) an Aquarian. Water, Earth, Fire, and Air signs, completing the elements of all astrological signs. But that's another story in my junk food riddled brain.

How shall I say it? As much as I super love the show, it left a bitter taste in my mouth long after the series ended in 2006.

Oh well, at least I could always watch the reruns, until it reaches Episode 22 of Season 3 that is.


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