Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hopeful Saturday

Having such a great day today. Accomplished my first two days of work last Thursday. I welcome today with hope. Tomorrow is our 1 year wedding anniversary but since the Moroccan Restaurant is closed on Sundays, we decided to have the lunch today. I was hoping for dinner so I can watch belly dancers but Braxton can't eat spicy foods at night due to his congenital condition.  

On this bright Saturday morning, we jogged at the park, had a great oatmeal breakfast with coffee (him with juice). We're sorting laundry for wash, and would probably get ready by noon. My gosh I haven't even thought of what I'm going to wear yet. Then at night, after cleaning up around the house, we will relax for a great movie on the couch with my husband's infamous creation of Kettle cooked popcorn. 

God giving me a job I deserve for now, from a reputable company with flexible hours, fortune smiles on us. Appreciating simple moments like these really shows that life is good. :) 11:30 AM

4:31 PM Just an update.... We cleaned our apartment, took us 5 hours from 11 AM. We thought we could still make it for lunch but at 4:16 when I checked our Groupon, I found out it was actually valid ONLY for dinner from 5:00 pm onwards. I am so friggin' hungry, that I might collapse. I'm having a migraine already. However, the day is not yet done. We still have the movie to look forward to, and at least, our apartment is cozy clean by that time we retire.


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