Saturday, June 30, 2012

My New Routine

Since getting my license to work in the land of the immigrants, I suddenly have to shift my la la schedule to a more rigorous one.

I have to find work, and in order to do so, I need to polish my cover letter writing skills, revamp my resume, create a website to be more bankable, be on the lookout for job fairs in Sacramento, and would you believe the need to have a unique calling card to stand out among the gray swarm of applicants? Thanks to my ever so OC hubby who sees details I normally don't.

Not just that, but holy of holies I'm studying for an exam again. The civil service one. At times I'd think (particularly when I'm memorizing what seem to be gazillions of word meanings) of why I'm torturing myself with this. What for? To sound smart? To not let my brain die of complacency? To review and remember the basics?

I keep telling myself it will not be in vain. Worse case, at least I helped my brain cells live a little while longer.

After my daily chores, I would go to the local library (McKinley) from noon to 4 pm to study so I can stay away from (internet) distractions. Thank goodness for the working vendo outside the library. I believe I deserve a sugar fix at the end of a grueling day of racking my brains out.

Less FB Games (my Cafe World is on pause for now), less Tvnets, giving me more to  proofread cover letters and browse through hundreds of online job descriptions . Lucky my favorite shows are on hiatus. 

Soon, I will have to ask my hubby how to commute or worse, learn how to drive. ack!


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