Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cool as Ice

Plain curiosity was what really prompted me to watch this bomber from Hulu.Com. If it's free, why not?

Ok... reminiscing my highschool days at an all girl school when you once thought that Vanilla Ice was so hot. Well, he still is but the pants man!! That freaky colorful clown pants!

Banging the door of the chic's house you liked instead of knocking ain't cool. What a douche bag lolol! It's not appealing to have bad manners no matter how cute you are. But I'll give him credit that he's cute even when he speaks slang. He actually sounds like Justin Beiber at one point.

Most of the music brought me back to my Hard Rock (hardly) party and Malate CommonGround college clubbing days with Iska. Didn't even know that the catchy tune 'I'm Gonna Catch You Baby!" was featured in this pitiful movie.

It was entertaining in a way that I was laughing my a$$ off seeing all that ridiculous dance (Roger Rabbit / Running Man  anyone?) and early 90s fashion where less is more, but the teased up bangs were still in style. Hayyyy.. Another look down memory lane.


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