Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Farewell (fit) for a Fighter...

My day started with a somber mood...

Like reading Joan Didion's 'Blue Nights' and listening to Lisa Gerrard's 'Now We are Free' (currently playing) weren't depressing enough, I had to find out from home that one of our Account Management Officers who was born with several ailments just passed away. She was just 26 years young. She's been fighting all her life, praying to God to grant her more time with family and friends, continuously defying medical diagnosis and recommendations.

We may have our differences when dealing with clients ( I was more impetuous, she was detail - oriented as necessary) but despite our idiosyncrasies, we had our moments. Laughing at my silly jokes, doing our fair share of responsibilities on team - buildings and just kicking up our heels in various company parties and team get-togethers...

Everytime you'll have your 'emergency' bouts our hearts would worriedly skip a beat for you and somehow, you managed to pull through. We'll draw breathed sighs of relief afterwards. God's grace and your strength made it all possible.

We'll have never ending 'whys?' that may remain unanswered, but I'd rather dwell on the thought inspired by the last line of a poem that 'God wanted you now. He set you free.'

A salute to a person whose overall fortitude is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. It is our honor to have been your team mates.

We will miss you Aizza Katrina Cuerdo

- from your SML family


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