Friday, June 3, 2005

Views on the Da Vinci Code

I read the book, pondered its essence and came to a conclusion of my own…

The author-creative, the book, in itself- is dangerous. Oh and just to remind everyone, this book belongs in the fictional section.

Let me clarify. On the creative side, the author provides a vivid picture of the flow of events-from the murder, to the chase, to the elaborate conspiracies that kept me on my toes I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. But when I came to the ending of the story, I was stunned. The search only puts them all back to where they started. Duh…

But what really bothered me about the book was the meat of the story. It describes a not so secret society that protects the "Holy Grail".  What is the "Holy Grail"? Some say it is a priceless chalice from where Jesus drank his last wine. Scholars say it is a story that may shatter the Christian faith if it was proven true.  The author, through the main character, describes that the very essence of the Holy Grail-if found to be true, will defy the ultimate best selling book of all time - THE BIBLE.

After reading the book, I questioned it to the point of testing what I have believed from the very beginning.

Is there a possibility that the story may be true? Was the story a sick joke meant to defile what Jesus is to us? -to me? Who started the story? Was it the angry Pharisees who never believed and understood Christ’s mission? A fictional tale turned into a seemingly convincing truth to the weak willed that Christ’s purpose was a sham? Is this all part of the Father’s masterplan to see who remain faithful in the end no matter what write ups or historical documents may arise to test the faith?

Questions after questions. What the heck really is the "Holy Grail"?

I don't want to burst your bubbles. All I can say is read the book. But read it with a grain of salt so to speak.

This is not to sneer entirely. But for the book to land in the hands of those whose faith are weak is frightening. Not many would understand, nor have the faith as strong and as powerful as God would want us to have. After this book, there may be many more that will come out until Jesus’ existence on earth is mocked.

Indeed, the battle has begun. The question is, whose side will you be on? The believer, the apathetic or the defiant?
4 stars


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