Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dream a Little Dream

It's weird that I like different types of men. Would you believe I once thought Tommy Lee Jones was sexy? (I still do actually...)

While in the subject of men, below are the characters of the men I seem to find extremely attractive: Note the word - E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y.
Rick O' Connell of 'The Mummy'
After watching "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns" over and over (and over), it just occurred to me this month (and this year) that Brendan Fraser is sooooo hott! His character in the Mummy - a witty brute, as strong as he is sensitive, his "save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy and save the world" persona makes me swoon enough to imagine he could be the dashing pirate in the cheesy novel I'm currently reading.

Here's another Brendan character I like....

 Adam Webber in Blast from the Past 
Where can you find an old fashioned, well-mannered, tall and handsome gentleman who is also fluent in French and German? Only in a bomb shelter built by a highly intellegent but eccentric physicist - aka, his dad. Adam says that this is simply how things work. First, the parents take care of the children, and then the children take care of the parents... (awww). and finding someone that could suavely dance two girls at the same time?? Oh Adam (sigh)......<3

 Steve Butler of Heaven & Earth
In this true to life movie, Tommy Lee Jones portrayed a GI in Saigon who fell in love with a local. Though his character turned out disturbing in the end, I’ll definitely dig if an old guy like him asks me out.

 Eugene Roe of Band of Brothers 
In another true to life, Eugene Roe is an American medic of the 101st Airborne assigned in Europe. The real Eugene Roe may not be much of a looker but his caring patience and silence amidst all the chaos around him (as told by his comrades in battle) is an admirable trait.

Danny Walker of Pearl Harbor 
The best friend turned traitor-turned martyr. There is something about a man in uniform that makes me all gush like a school girl. Besides, didn’t you notice that if you age Josh Hartnett, he’ll look exactly like Tommy Lee Jones?

Tristan Ludlow of Legends of the Fall 
The dark, ruggedly savage and often misunderstood character of Brad Pitt in this movie is perfectly depicted in those deep soft blue eyes and unshaven face.

Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass of Remembering the Titans 
A California hottie, the reel and real Ronnie Bass doesn’t mind hanging out with his colored brothers and has a thing for Tai-Chi.

Jeff Corwin of the Animal Planet
This cute nature lover has a quirky sense of humor. Alas, he sports a wedding band on his finger.

Can't help but share another pic....

(lucky monkey!)

James J. Maloney of CIGNA
sorry, can't find his pic anywhere!
Name not familiar? I can not end this article without adding the man I have met and admired (sort of having that blasted Morissette lyrics 'meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife' whisper in my head). He was our previous Company President, remembers all of his employees' names down to the little people and greets us by our first names. He used to be in the peace corps, a quarterback during his college (?) years, an Irish - American catholic, happily married with 2 beautiful daughters and a newly born son. In short, an All-American dreamboat!

Maybe it's not all about the face. Fine! that category helps a lot. But I found that it's really the "character" of the man I find most attractive. Maybe that's why I tend to navigate my likeness towards men in uniform. Somehow, they make me feel safe?

A man that will love and accept every part of a woman's quirks, hardly uses bitter language during an argument, who silently accepts, listens, extremely loyal to boot and has an ironic quality of patience as he is savagely passionate .... (sigh). If he happens to be good looking, then it's just like winning the lotto. Does this kind of guy still exist?

During lunch, I had a meaningful chat with my colleague. I inquired about the kind of women these men eventually fell for and what on earth did they do to deserve these men. He simply explained - 'It's simply a matter of being at the right place, at the right time". It doesn't matter who these people are, that despite their differences and imperfections, they found each other and everything fell into place. It's a thing called "fate". It's magic.

Aaaaaahhhhh hope prevails ü. Someday, I'll have my own Brendan or Tom welling to love and love me as much. Till then, I'm content to live my life happily in my quiet little corner where I dare myself to dream.


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