Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sydney / Gold Coast trip

Spent 7 days in Sydney / Brisbane this week. Awesome fun!

Unfortunately, really had a lot of mishaps on this trip.

It started out ho hum, because 'I've been there, done that'. The only consolation I had was at least I would be able to see my BFF again and well, get to shoot on the new camera my bf gave me. Unfortunately, the first day, my room mate and I both accidentally dropped it. I bawled my eyes out because it was a gift.

First day was ok. We went to Paddy’s market and saw the harbor but I was still at a loss for my cam, I couldnt relate. Partied at scruffy murphy’s at Goulburn St. the second night, an Irish bar two blocks away from the hotel, Aussie’s are awesome! but everytime i see a couple kissing and dancing, I miss my darling B

Third day was a blast with my bff. She went all the way from Melbourne just to see me, and had to go back the same day, bugger! I know.

She toured me around Bondi, Manly and the harbour, took too many pictures I couldnt keep count. Then I got a little depressed again - MY CAM!!

Then the night came when she had to go, I sent her off, unfortunately, she forgot a box of ‘candy’ I brought for her. I never thought I would feel the loss of letting go of a friend. Her being with me morally but physically unavailable. Then , we both realized we're now living two very separate, very different lives. Change can be good though, as seen on a mall wall, if there is no change, there wouldn’t be any butterflies’. That's the only thought that keeps me from crying.

Third day, was St. Patrick’s day celebration at Hyde Park, sooo many Aussies and Irish in green garb, leprechaun hats and their patriotic flags. Beer is a staple not to be missed - even in stark daylight. The Irish really know how to party.

But the best game of the day was when fake Bono sang up on stage, and this time, me and my crew were up front. I was waiting for Elevation to be sung but, oh well, had a blast jumping with Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or without you.. and many other U2 songs i keep forgetting…

Fourth day was a trip to Brisbane to stay at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Surfer’s Paradise. Again, after bringing two swimsuits, their pool was unavailable. How lucky is that??? So we had to cross all the way to the other hotel with a ’smaller’, dingier pool. The day won’t be complete without hitting the beach. Don’t let the waves hit you when you leave :D. From the word, Surfer’s Paradise, it’s for surfers. Me and Banana just had fun taking pictures of ourselves.

We also went to Dreamworld. A theme park to go if you want to die - errr ride the BIG 6 thrill rides. I’m a woos so I was just thrilled to lick snow cones while waiting on my friends who dared, thinking to myself maybe I am too old for this…

If you're dropping by Sydney / Brisbane, here are 10 tips I’d like to share:

1. In Sydney, ask around where Paddy’s market is, that's where you can buy many ’souvenir’ items you can bring back home. A very Filipino thing.

2. When buying for staples, like water, chocolate, cheese and milk, shop at Cole’s or Woolworth. Its their version of our Shopwise and Puregold. Suggested treat to bring home - Cadbury’s cherry ripe yummm..

3. Always ALWAYS PACK LIGHT. For the first time I really got excited and packed four shoes! to which I forgot 1 pair at Courtyard Brisbane.. GEEZ!!!!

4. Be anal about your camera. Or should I say MAKE SURE THE HANDLER KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE YOUR CAM. Or at least just buy a sturdier one.

5. When in Sydney, drop by an Irish pub (might also be advisable when going to Ireland??? hehe). It’s a great place to party at night too - and try on their local beer, or at least something really safe for the night.

6. When in Sydney during St. Patty’s day, please please go to Hyde Park on a Saturday. Don’t miss (fake) Bono’s performance!

7. If you have loads of cash stashed in your suitcase (or at least in your carry ons) I recommend checking their national stone. The Opal. Buy either a ring, earring or a pendant. The rarest ones have more red tones in it. Oh and don’t forget chocolate macademias!

8. Of course its common sense for you to drop by Darling Harbour to see the Sydney Opera house. Have your pictures taken overlooking the city lights, the Opera house and harbour bridge reminiscent of Disney’s Finding Nemo night scene. If you have spare time, drop by at Bondi and Manly and swim there too… Don’t forget your sunblock and make sure its not lower than SPF 50.

9. If you weren't able to save enough moolah, I wouldn't recommend visiting Gold Coast, Brisbane (don’t even think about it). But I promise you’ll have a blast if you do.

10. Your trip won’t be complete without a picture with a koala. $20 is so worth your money to have your pic taken holding a soft, cute, cuddly, minty scented koala bear. The real deal. Watch out for their pointy claws though.

Looking forward to going back there on St. Patty's sometime soon but this time, I want to be with my sweetie pooh ;p Hope we could swing by Melbourne to visit Dhewie too. A girl can dream.

Happy Wandering!


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