Friday, August 25, 2006

The Alchemist

The journey begins with an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who ventures from his homeland in Spain to North Africa in search of a treasure buried In the Pyramids of Egypt.

During the journey, Santiago encountered various characters such as an old man claiming to be the King of Salem, a crystal merchant who lives at a bottom of a hill, an Englishman, a beautiful dusky locale and an Alchemist-All point to the direction of his quest.


Just like the DA VINCI CODE, it all ended where it started. But not to divulge the entire story so you might read it (for those who haven’t yet), Santiago encounters another character that did not "believe" in his dream, who ended up bitter and destructive. Maybe that was the difference. Santiago decided to "go the distance" and pursued his dream at whatever cost and enjoyed the journey.
But what we can all learn from the story are the lessons that Santiago discovered along the way… 

People come and go in our lives and there is always a reason why. Whoever they are and whatever they have done, they leave an impact in how our lives are shaped. We ourselves serve as an instrument to touch, help and heal others who may need or think that they may not need such caring.

Also, that …”A certain point in our lives , we lose control of what’s happening to us and our lives are controlled by fate. That is the world’s greatest lie… (now who have I heard this from? Hmmmmm…) but in pursuit of a dream, one is being constantly subjected to tests of persistence and courage. So one must both be hasty but not impatient. If one pushes forward immediately, he would fail to see the signs left by God along the path…

One should discover their “Personal Legends” A personal Legend is what a person wanted to achieve in life, whether it be to heal, sing, write, teach, travel, dance…and Love should never keep a man or a woman from pursuing their Personal Legends. Once we learn to wait and let go, only then will we know how to truly love without possession… without ownership.
4 stars


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