Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns

I was one of the privileged few who watched the premiere of Superman Returns at the Shang Cineplex just last Monday. Ewan ko kung privilege ngang maituturing ito…

Don’t worry, no spoilers. (not much anyway…) just a few not so professional, unsolicited opinions about the movie.

First, may kulang kay Brandon Routh(?) Routhe(?). Tignan mo nga, di ko tuloy maalala spelling ng pangalan nya. Kay Christopher Reeve, marami lang ang nacoconfuse between "Reeves" nga ba o "Reeve"? Practice with me. "Christopher Reeve-Keanu Reeves-Christopher Reeve-Keanu Reeves….."

In fairness, ok naman si Brandon Routh kaso, matabang sa panlasa… How shall I say it… Para kang kumain ng  

kare-kareng walang bagoong, 

tinolang walang patis, 

at lechon na walang sarsa.  

Check how Brandon flies, naninigas. Christopher Reeve flies naturally. Even to this day when I watch Superman I-IV, I still thought he flew (hahaha). He was so convincing, may magic ba.

Second, he is not wearing trunks anymore but semicycling shorts. Oy, wag magisip ng madumi. Superman in trunks shows off more of his thighs, which makes him look stronger. Yes his thighs not his you-know-what. Hello! Sa ganda ba namang lalake ni Christopher Reeve mapapatingin ka pa ba sa baba? O sya! sya! If I dont convince you, bahala na kayo. Isa pa, bakit naging black ang boots ni Superman? Black ba o dark red? At may takong pa ito ha! Nagmukha tuloy syang Astroboy. Better yet, Mighty Kid. Dapat ang title ng movie, "Astroboy-The Mighty Kid Returns".

Third, Lois Lane-played by Kate Bosworth. She lights a cigarette in a virginal way I can’t explain it. I really like Kate in Blue Crush and The Titans-She is really pretty. But she is... how shall i say it, peaches and cream perfect to make a point. And because of this that I thought she lacked the spunk that was Margot Kidder. Lois was supposed to be a tough brunette, Kate's a little too 'blonde' for me. Even when her hair was dyed brown, her true colors still show. Besides the previous Lois looked "normal". It gives women like me hope that an Adonis fell for someone not-so-perfect.

Fourth, Si Cyclops naandun . Sya na lang ang inabangan ko. Eye candy to ease the pangs of the disappointment in the movie.

Fifth (is a semi-spoiler so skip it if you dont want to know.) Sana Lois didn’t tell superman what he needed to know para there’s more drama, more struggle in future episodes of Superman IF ever there will be another. 

Ok, to be fair eto yung mga nagustuhan ko sa movie 

Lois’ and Richard’s baby is sooooooooooo cute!!

Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Lex Luther. He gave justice to Superman’s archenemy. Iba talaga ang gift ng mga bading wala akong masabi. Yes, Kevin Spacey is a self confessed gay (or bi, but its almost the same thing), just like Ian McKellan is (Gandalf / Magneto).

When Superman returned, he became active globally. Hindi lang truth, justice and the American way. In one of the news headlines, na feature dun na dumaan daw syang Manila. Oo Manila daw - sa atin. Ganoon?! Ako din nagtanong. Sabay hirit na baka OT ako nuon kaya hindi ko sya nakita. Tumalon kaya ako sa building namin, dumating kaya sya? (hahaha).

I suggest that you buy the pirated copy first (sorry na, i know its illegal) and watch it in the confines of your homes. If you happen to like it, then watch it in the big screen. If you dont, at least di ka manghihinayang masyado sa gastos mo sa ticket, sa popcorn at sa softdrinks. Sabagay, SUPERMAN yan eh. Sige na nga, lets give Brandon some credit.

To sum it up. I liked SPIDERMAN better.

I’d definitely watch out for Pirates of the Carribean-Dead Man’s Chest.

Yun lang.


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